Staff Directory

  • Jeffrey Feld, President/CEO 
  • Renee Bialek, Program Director
  • Marcy Friedland, Capital Campaign & Planned Giving Director
  • Julie Hartline, Annual Campaign Director
  • Janine Hudak, Administrative Coordinator 
  • Nathan Ricklefs, Database Manager
  • Teresa Zimmerman, Finance & Operations Manager



To contact the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples:

(239) 263-4205




Ellen Weiss, Executive Director of TOP Jewish Foundation, a foundation department of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

(813) 769-4785    Ellen@topjewishfoundation.org


Independent Contractors:

Ted Epstein, Editor, Federation Star & Connections
(239) 249-0699   fedstar18@gmail.com


Joy J. Walker, Director of Sales, Federation Star & Connections

(941) 284-0520   walkerjoy62@yahoo.com