23 2020

JFGN FIBA program

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

FIBA’s upcoming virtual annual event, Innovation Fusion 2020. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd – 6:00 to 7:30PM EST. This year, the theme is “The Intersection of Art and Technology” and includes an update on how the tech industry has managed to thrive in both Florida and Israel during the pandemic. We’re very excited to announce that the keynote speaker will be internationally renowned artist, born and raised in Tampa, Janet Echelman.

Janet’s work can be found all over the world, with her most recent installation unveiling at the new St. Pete Pier in a few weeks. The Harvard grad is not only a seasoned artist and innovator, but an established keynote lecturer with her Ted Talk “Taking Imagination Seriously” having been translated to more than 35 languages and attaining approximately 2.3 million views to date. Her inspiring story delves into the importance of imagination and innovation and how rethinking technology led to her incredible success as an artist.