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8:30 am-1:30 pm

Jewish Community Day of Learning


Sunday, March 18, 2018



The Jewish Community Day of Learning has a cost of $18.00 to attend. 

Reservation forms will be available in the January.

You can also call the Jewish Federation - 239-263-4205 with a credit card or mail a check to the Jewish Federation of Collier County 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 2201 Naples, FL 34109. Memo: Renee/JCDL

Mickey Bielski

Mickey Bielski was born in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1952, shortly after the end of World War II.  His father Tuvia Bielski, was the leader of an organization of Jewish partisans who rescued Jews from extermination and fought against the Nazi German occupiers in areas of German occupied Poland (now western Belarus).  The group saved over 1,200 people, including Mickey’s mother, Lilka.  Tuvia was joined by his brothers Zus and Asael, to form the Bielski Brothers.  They were responsible for the largest rescue of Jews by Jews in all of World War II.  In 1956 when Mickey was four years old, he and his family joined Tuvia in Brooklyn with a story that was unique amongst Holocaust survivors.  As Mickey grew older, he heard more of the story from his father and other survivors, and to understand the enormity of his father’s accomplishment. The group was the subject of a major motion picture, Defiance. In Growing Up Bielski, Mickey tells what it was like to come of age in the shadow of this incredible legacy. He shares his own, and his father’s stories, with humor, passion and above all love. 

Ellaine Rosen

Ellaine H. Rosen received a Bachelor of Religious Education, Jewish Theological Seminary; Masters of Education, Harvard University, Interior design degree from LaSalle University Chicago. Ellaine owned and founded Art ‘n Facts, sold over 1,000 pieces of art to individual collectors, corporations, museums and art dealers around the country. As a connoisseur on Jewish Art, Ellaine has appeared on television, given instructional and entertaining art history presentations to organizations on many topics, both nationally and locally.  At the Naples Museum of Art, Ellaine created a two-part lecture: The Jewish School of Paris: 1905-1945. Ellaine provided performances in Pittsburgh, and Florida at synagogues and universities.  Ellaine has also been an instructor on Jewish History and Culture.  Ellaine’s topics include: “from Bezalel the Israelite to Agam the Israeli”, “Symbolism in the Synagogue”, “Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts”. Ellaine is married to her wonderful husband Rick and they have two daughters and five grandsons. 

Dr. Gerald Franz

Dr. Gerald Franz has been teaching college history for 33 years, focusing upon American and European History. In 2007, Gerald returned to his hometown of Fort Myers and now teaches online history courses for a handful of universities and colleges. Gerald holds three masters’ degrees and two doctorates in the disciplines of history, leadership, religion and library science. He and his wife Wendy have been married for 34 years, and they have two adult children.  One of his favorite adventures was a self-study trip with Wendy to Greece, Israel and Egypt focusing on ancient archaeology and working on a dig in Israel. Gerald is planning a trip to visit historical sites and museums in England, France and Italy.     It is estimated that approximately 40% of all Americans can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island. Using images and many immigrant quotes, Dr. Franz will tell the story of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century through Ellis Island. Unlike the stories of most European ethnic groups, the journeys of many of the Jews to the United States were prompted by fiery persecution. 

Myra Roberts

Myra Roberts received her BA in art education from Arizona State with in painting and drawing and her Masters in Fine Art in printmaking and illustration from Northern Illinois. Roberts taught for 25 years in Illinois then moved to Sanibel in 1999 with her family. Myra has exhibited throughout the United States and her paintings are in private collections across the United States and Europe.  Artwork By Roberts is extensively featured in media in Boston, Colorado, New York and Florida’s WGCU Gulf Coast Live! radio show and WGCU Public Media’s Expressions magazine. Myra Roberts was chosen by WGCU Public Media, Southwest Community Foundation and the Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida as one of five “2016 Makers: Women Who Make Southwest Florida. Myra Roberts was selected based on her impact in the arts and social justice in Southwest Florida. Her work includes a book and film: Project Tolerance: The Faces of Anne Frank. I use my paintings of Holocaust survivors and heroes as a teaching tool and lasting memory to them.


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2017 Presenters


David Bernstein, JCPA

Cantor Donna Azu

Dr. ​Paul Bartrop

​Goldie Bertone

Betty Sunshine

Rosalie Wolfe

Cantorial Soloist Lawrence Dermer

Rabbi Jerris

Judge Norman Krivosha

Rabbi Chorny

​Rabbi Miller

Rabbi Gross

​Rabbi Wolf

Dr. Stanley Rothman

​David Rutstein

Dr. June Sochen

Ezra Glinter

Ron Levin



Jewish Community Day of Learning



On Sunday, March 19, 2017 the Jewish Community Relations Council will be bringing a Jewish Community Day of Learning (JCDL) to Collier County. A committee has been formed to plan this event, which is modeled after Limmud, Jewish learning experiences that take place in 40 countries throughout the world.  The mission of the JCDL is to celebrate Jewish life and learning by connecting Jews of all backgrounds and traditions to their heritage.

Similar to the Limmud concept, this event will be organized and staffed almost entirely by volunteers.

Our Jewish community is fortunate to have many active, engaged and intellectually curious residents and this day of learning should be a perfect fit for this area.  In addition to two keynote presentations, there will be a great variety of talented and knowledgeable people from within and without the community who will be sharing their expertise. Attendees will have a choice of many sessions to attend. There will be something for everyone from presentations on “Jewish Perspectives on Writing an Ethical Will,” to  “Jews in the Entertainment Industry: From Yiddish Theater to Present Day,” to “Jews in Baseball” to “Bearing Witness: A Story of Holocaust Survivors as Told By Their Daughters.”

Join us at Temple Shalom on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Watch for more information on the Jewish Community Day of Learning in future issues of the Federation Star. There will be many volunteer opportunities for those who would like to become involved in this exciting day. For the opportunity to volunteer and for more information contact Betty Schwartz at



Let There Be Music

By Betty Schwartz


In the last issue of the Federation Star, we highlighted one of the presentations which will be given at the JCDL on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at Temple Shalom. The presentation described was the 1936 and 1972 Olympic Games given by Dr. Paul Bartrop.


This issue of the Star has a special Arts & Culture section. The JCDL has something for everyone, including arts and culture. Therefore, it is fitting to tell about two of the musical-themed presentations which will be offered. Inspired by her family’s ancestry, Cantor Donna Azu will be educating us on Persian history and Jewish Music. Jews have lived in Persia, now Iran, since 600 BCE. We will explore their rich culture, traditions and their music. Though recordings and film we will learn about secular Persian music, Jewish contributions to Persian music as well as different types of Persian music and its usage. Cantor Azu will enable us to experience this ancient art form that is part of our heritage.


Grammy nominated, BMI award winning composer/producer, Lawrence Dermer, will present a fascinating program:  “From Tenement to Tinsel Town,” tracing Jewish involvement in all genres of American music from the turn of the century to the current Broadway musicals. The list is very extensive and will include Yiddish Theater, Broadway and popular music. Lawrence Dermer is credited with creating the globally recognized “Miami Sound” and has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, Cher, B.B. King, Tony Bennett and many others. He is also involved with the current Broadway musical “On Your Feet” (the story of Gloria Estefan), featuring many of his songs. Lawrence may even be persuaded to share some of his personal experiences with many of our generation’s most celebrated artists. Lawrence Dermer is an accomplished Cantorial Soloist and spiritual leader of the Shalom Life Center who is also studying for the Rabbinate.

If music is your “thing”, we have it. Mark your calendar!



The Jewish Community Relations Council, of the Jewish Federation of Collier County, is busily planning for the first “Jewish Community Day of Learning (JCDL),” to be held on Sunday, March 19, 2017, at Temple Shalom. The goal of this event is to celebrate Jewish life and learning by connecting Jews of all backgrounds and traditions to their Jewish heritage.

There will be presentations on a variety of topics, but all will be related to Judaism. These topics will include subjects on a broad spectrum of interests. Some of the presenters will be familiar to you, but we will be introducing many from outside our community who will share their knowledge. All of the presenters will be engaging and will shine new light on their subjects.  When participants register, they will select the sessions they wish to attend. There will be an optional parve boxed lunch available for pre-order.

In the last issue of the Federation Star, we mentioned that we were fortunate to schedule a nationally-renowned speaker to give our keynote address. David Bernstein, the President and CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the representative voice of the Jewish community relations movement, will not only give our keynote address, he will also be making an additional presentation. Please refer to the article by David, “The Jewish Community Relations Imperative,” on page 10 in the April issue of the Federation Star. You can follow David on Twitter @DavidLBernstein.

Contact Betty Schwartz ( for more information. 



By Linda Simon

Perhaps you’ve read the previous articles about LIMMUD and The Jewish Community Day of Learning in the Federation Star, or maybe this is the first time you’ve seen anything about it and you’d like to know more.  It’s intriguing to learn about vibrant Jewish programs, and this one is especially exciting.  

Developed in 1980, LIMMUDS have been established in over 40 countries around the world.  First developed for Jewish educators, its’ original concept has since evolved to now celebrate Jewish life and learning by connecting Jews of all backgrounds to their heritage, both traditional and contemporary.  

Based on the concepts of LIMMUD, the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Collier County is proud to host the very first Jewish Community Day of Learning structured to appeal to the greater Naples Jewish Community - a very active, engaged and intellectually curious group.

In addition to two keynote presentations, the program will draw from a great variety of talented and knowledgeable people from within and outside the community.  Attendees will have a choice of many sessions spanning such topics from  “Jews in Baseball” to  “Jewish Perspectives on Writing an Ethical Will,” and “Jews in the Entertainment Industry: From Yiddish Theater to Present Day,” to “Bearing Witness: A Story of Holocaust Survivors as Told By Their Daughters” and much more.

The first Jewish Community Day of Learning will be held on March 19, 2017 at Temple Shalom.  Please join us for a remarkable experience.  Be sure to look in next month’s Federation Star for more information.

To get involved contact Betty Schwartz (239-254-9086).

Jewish Community Day of Learning (JCDL)

By Betty Schwartz


Over the last few issues of the Federation Star, the JCFL committee has been giving general information about this event which will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at Temple Shalom. Now, we would like to give you a more in-depth preview of some of the scheduled presentations.

Since the 2016 Summer Olympics just concluded, it seems appropriate to remember past Olympic Games of note. Dr. Paul Bartop will be making a presentation about the 1936 Olympic Games, aka “The Nazi Olympics,” as well as speaking about the Munich Olympics of 1972.

Most people think of Jesse Owens when they think of the 1936 Summer Olympics. His accomplishments were remarkable and certainly proved the Nazis wrong about Aryan superiority. However, Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalf replaced two Jewish runners, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller. Their names should be remembered. There were other Jewish athletes at the 1936 games who won medals. We will hear their stories.

The Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games was a terrorist attack perpetrated by eight Palestinians representing a branch of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team died. Recently, additional information about this incident has come to light.

Dr. Bartrop is an internationally recognized scholar of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies. He is the author of many books, and is currently editing a new encyclopedia of the Holocaust. He is a Professor of History and the Director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Bartrop as a presenter at the first annual JCDL to share his knowledge with us.

Please check the website for more information at

Contact Betty Schwartz ( for more information.