Jewish Russian Cultural Alliance, JRCA


We hope you can join us for these upcoming JRCA events from 3-6 pm. 


Rosh Hashanah

September 24, 2017



December 17, 2017



March 4, 2018


Victory in Europe Day 

May 6, 2018



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JRCA of the Jewish Federation of Collier County
Mission: To offer a Community base in Collier County to the First Generation Jewish Immigrants from the former Soviet Union and their families. Click on the picture to see JRCA Community Gatherings and Social events for upcoming season. 

Midsummer Social

July 23, 2017

Leo and Diana Radetsky, Alexander Goldstein, Cathy and Mark Katsnelson

Leo and Diana Radetsky, Darina Lumar, Herbert Hermann, Cathy Katsnelson


Rosh Hashanah 


Этот День Победы    Порохом пропах,

Это праздник            С сединою на висках.

Это радость              Со слезами на глазах.
День Победы!  День Победы! День Победы!





2016-2017 JRCA events

What a fun Purim it was!!!


The Purim Story Time
We welcomed old-timers, newcomers, friends from everywhere via such exotic places like Australia, China and Finland! Wow!
Our group is getting
better and stronger thanks to you,
our wonderful members.
Here we are listening to Boris Shusteff reading his excellent poetic tale of how Queen Esther and her tribe outsmarted the enemies of the Jews. Good time for us to learn and/or to refresh our knowledge.
From Mr. Kolya Prizel (the eldest) to little miss Leah Dorfman (the youngest) we were all mesmerized...or was it the flutter of the butterfly wings????
Everyone had fun, socialized and made new friends, and that is what this is all about - being among like- minded people with similar beginnings, sharing this part of our journey and in the desire to maintain this Jewish-Russian Cultural Alliance. We have already created a respected presence in the Jewish and general communities of Southwest Florida and the next one of "us" moving into this region will find our group a hospitable and desired destination.
Thanks to each and every one of you for participating in this wonderful season of events.
See you April 2 at Israel Day.
Keep you posted...





This picture is worth a thousand...latkes!


Latkes, and candles and Russians - oy vey!

We had a wonderful party on Sunday with 44 attendees, about a third of them attending their first JRCA (Jewish Russian Cultural Alliance) event. Newcomers and old-times had blended very well, finding lots of common ground - historically, conversationally, culturally, gastronomically and beyond. 

Thanks to everyone for making it such unprecedented success. It gets better every time and our small community is growing.

Thanks to Nan Roytberg (4th from the left bottom row) for candle and bread blessings.

Thanks to the planning committee! Thanks to the Kharlamov and Lantsberg families for doing most of the set up and break down. Thanks to everyone who helped clean up!

Thanks to everyone who made special cookies, cakes, sauce, salad, or brought bread, candy, candles - whatever you undertook was greatly appreciated by all!

Many requests were received for the "bizet center" cookie recipe. Would the owner please email?

Congratulations to all Latke contest entrants! Simply delicious to the very last bite!
By popular vote (democratic process decided by applause),  the contest winner and special prize recipient was Marina Lantsberg. Congrats, Marina!

Special thanks to the Jewish Federation of Collier County for welcoming us under their wing!

Happy Birthdays to Yury Kharlamov and Yana Lantsberg!

L'Chaim to everyone and Happy Hanukkah! Happy and healthy 2017!

NB: A hurdle to Sunday event - elevator code - kept an attendee or two stranded, after our usher Alex G. was pulled upstairs after 3:20. Note to the future:  please take the responsibility to check the code in advance and/or call anyone already upstairs - we'll be glad to come and get you! Being on time is good, too.

No Russian Jew should be left behind! Let's spread the word and make this group even more successful!

JRCA is open to all Jewish immigrants or seasonal residents of Southwest Florida, whose lives started on any of the former USSR territories. and their families, of course. Others will be considered on an individual case basis, with strong chance of a "yes."

See you in March 2017 at Purim.