People of the Book/Jewish Book Festival

Cultural Event





Previous People of the Book Speakers

Previous People of the Book Speakers:

2021: Neal Bascomb


The Evy Lipp People of the Book Cultural Event couldn't have happened in February 2019 without the generous support from the following Patrons. THANK YOU!
Rhonda and Steve Brazina
Myra and Dr. Mort Friedman
Susie and Ron Goldsmith
Jane Schiff and Lon Gratz
Dr. Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld
Jay and Stuart Kaye
Lin and Ron Klein
Fran and Rob Nossen
Judi Palay 
Judy and Ben Peltz
Debbie Laites and Ben Post
Estelle and Stuart Price
Susan and Dr. Nathaniel Ritter
Phyllis and Michael Seaman
Arlene and Donald Shapiro
Arlene and Michael Sobol
Janet and Howard Solot
Nancy and Jack Wiadro
Ellen and Ed Wollman

Letty Cottin Pogrebin & Abigail Pogrebin, 2019

Ron Suskind, 2018

Scott Turow, 2017