The Women’s Cultural Alliance (WCA) is an affinity group of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples. The WCA provides the opportunity to meet others who share similar interests in a wide variety of social programs.


Membership in the WCA also makes each woman an official member of the Federation. We always welcome new members and hope you will join us...soon! 


If you have questions about WCA, please contact

President Elaine Soffer at 215-820-6697 or

The 2017-2018 Program Guide is here!


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There are many WCA groups.


Click below to find out more information for each group.


WCA Couples

WCA Foodies

WCA North

WCA Single Girlfriends

WCA South





WCA Single Girlfriends

  • Dinner at Cafe Milano

  • Brunch at Cypress Woods Country Club Sunday

  • Audrey Olsen at our tour of the art and sculpture at Artis Naples

  • Single Girlfriends at Bricktops for Dine Out

WCA South

A trip to the Botanical Gardens


WCA Couples



WCA North

  • WCA North Book Discussion

  • Sharing Shakespeare

  • Sharing Shakespeare

  • Ladies who Brunch

  • Ladies who Brunch

  • Mah Jongg






President – Elaine Soffer

Secretary – Sue Dean

Treasurer – Barbara Suden



Membership – Hope Abels

Program – Patti Boochever

Communications – Nancy Kahn

Publicity – Susan Pittelman

Special Events – Linda Simon

Federation Liaison – Arlene Sobol

Couples Group – Phyllis Strome

Volunteers – Harriet Kleinman

WCA North – Dina Shein

WCA South – Lenore Greenstein

Nominating Committee – Susan Pittelman
Document Management – Maureen Schaab


Advisory Committee

Lea Bendes

Mary O’Haver

Barbara Karp

In late October, another exciting WCA season will be starting.  In response to suggestions from members:

  • Only paid members of WCA are eligible to register for and attend all offered programs, activities or events.
  • Please pay your dues in a timely manner.
  • Wear your name tag to all WCA events
  • Seating at all social events should be random, similar to the drawing system used by ladies who lunch to encourage meeting other members.
  • Refrain from wearing fragrances to WCA events for the comfort of those with aroma sensitivities.
  • When registering for a lecture or event, let the response taker know if you would volunteer as an attendance taker or greeter for that event.
  • Sale of tickets is limited to 2 tickets per member to enable as many members as possible to attend ticketed events.
  • Refrain from discussion of controversial topics at social events. 
  • Remember although WCA is an affinity group of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, its membership is eclectic, allowing for a different points of view.


Enjoy the fellowship and magnificent women who belong to WCA!

2017 – 2019
Planned Cultural Happenings


Look for registration and further information about these events

 Will be in the Thursday eblast closer to the event.



  • View the Documentary “Breakfast at Ina’s” about our Welcome Back Lunch Speaker Ina Pinkney


  • Attend a performance of the “Miami City Ballet”


  • Watch the classic “Casablanca” with the famous score performed by the Naples Philharmonic


  • Attend a performance of Jessica Lang Dance


  • Enjoy performances of the Broadway shows “An American in Paris” and “The King and I”


  • Tour  an eclectic collection of spectacular music instruments


  • Enjoy hearing a visiting Orchestra at Artis-Naples


  • Try a Pilates class


  • Make an Ikebana Arrangement to take home


  • Attend an Opera at Gulfshore Opera


  • Tour the largest single collection of Frank Lloyd Architecture


  • Experience the largest winter orchid event in the United States.



If it weren’t for WCA . . . 


. . . I would not have had the opportunity to continue to further my intellectual curiosity and have had as much fun doing so! I never could have met so many fabulous women. ~ Barbara Karp


. . . I would never have met women who were so interesting, stimulating, diverse, and filled with a desire to do and to learn. WCA has enriched my life with art, music, crafts, reading, lectures, and food and fun. True Paradise . . . ~ Gail Nizin


. . . I would ask myself, "What will I do today?" rather than "Which book club, lecture, art tour, craft activity, luncheon or day trip should I choose to do today?" ~ Linda Simon


. . . our Jewish community would not be as vital and vibrant as it is. Because of WCA, our community engages more than 1,000 women in cultural, educational, social and philanthropic activities from which they benefit AND so does our entire Jewish community! 
~ Jeffrey D. Feld, President/CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Naples


. . . I would have to fly back North for every holiday. But now I have a second family here. ~ Marilyn Litz


. . . I wouldn't feel so alive and involved. ~ Nancy Kahn

. . . Naples wouldn't feel like home and life here wouldn't be as exciting.  ~ Sue Dean


. . . I wouldn’t have met so many interesting, delightful and caring women; plus I wouldn’t so quickly have found all the wonderful artists and art venues around Naples.  ~ Dee Bittman


. . . I would not feel connected to so many women. We share a common bond, common interests, common experiences – the perfect ingredients to make friendships grow. ~ Maureen Schaab


. . . my life would not be so full and rewarding! ~ Lea Bendes


. . . I would not have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful individuals and to participate in the wide variety of enjoyable and enriching activities. WCA is a blessing. ~ Judy Fant


. . . I wouldn't have been on a catamaran, off Captiva, gazing at the night sky with an astronomer telling us about the stars, planets and vast universe. . . ~ Barbara Suden


. . . my life would not be as exciting and my perception of Southwest Florida would be very different. My participation in a wide variety of activities has given me the opportunity to make wonderful friends who encourage me to try different programs. ~ Elaine Soffer




. . . I would not have met the tremendous cache of fantastic women who make up WCA. My life is richer for the experience. “My Big Fat Greek Family” has surely grown. We have shared a lot – even a swamp walk! ~ Andrea

. . . I might never have had the opportunity to find wonderful new friends and to have the endless exciting and informative experiences that make life in Naples so fabulous and enriching! Kudos to the incredible women who run this organization as well as to Past President Jane Hirsch! ~ Nina Iser


. . . and WCA’s very generous support, JFCS of Southwest Florida would not be able to support so many individuals and families with emotional, social and financial needs in our community.
Dr. Jaclynn Faffer, President/CEO, JFCS of Southwest Florida


. . . I would have a hole in my intellectual and cultural stimuli and inspirations. ~ Dina Shein


. . . Naples would not feel like home. ~ Phyllis Strome