JFGN EVENTS 2018-2019

Dates below are tentative until the Annual Calendar Meeting in May 2018

Tuesday, June 19- Israel Scouts at Temple Shalom at 7 PM

Wednesday, June 20- Israel Scouts at New Hope Ministries at 7 PM


Sunday, Nov. 4- Kristallnacht, CJD at Temple Shalom

Monday, Nov. 5- JFGN JBF in the evening at Hilton

Thursday. Nov. 15- JFGN Campaign Kickoff

Thursday, Nov. 29- JFGN JBF lunch at Hilton


Monday, Dec. 3- Federation Chanukah Community event

Sunday, Dec. 16 JFGN FED CUP OR next week

Sunday, Dec. 23 JFGN FED CUP


Wednesday, Jan 9- JFGN JBF in the afternoon @ TS

Wednesday, Jan. 9 JFGN Majors

Friday, Jan. 11- JFGN Federation Shabbat at TS

Monday, Jan. 14- JFGN, IAC Speaker: Mike Singh at 7 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 16- JFGN JBF @ TS

Wednesday, Jan. 16- JFGN, Klezmer Band at South Regional Library, 6 PM

Friday, Jan. 18- JFGN, CJD Interfaith Weekend

Sunday, Jan 20, JFGN, CJD Interfaith Weekend

Sunday, January 20- JFGN, Jewish Community Day of Learning at Temple Shalom (JCRC), 10-2 PM

Monday, Jan. 21, JFGN MLK Jr. Parade, 9 AM

Tuesday, Jan. 29- JFGN JBF in the evening at Hilton

Wednesday, Feb. 6- JFGN, People of the Book

Sunday, Feb. 10-CJD film program at 2:30 PM

Monday, Feb. 11, week of-àJFGN, Ken Stein, speaker for 1 or 2 days

Sunday, Feb. 17- CJD film

Wednesday, Feb. 27- JBF at JCMI

Thursday, Feb. 28- JFGN JBF afternoon @ TS



Sunday, March 10- CJD program at 2:30 pm

March-11-13? Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday- JFGN speaker for ARAVA at 7 PM

Tuesday, March 12- JFGN, Lions of Judah (or the 13th)

Wednesday, March 13- JFGN, Lions of Judah (or the 12th)

Sunday, March 31- JFGN Gala- Power of Community

Sunday, March 31- CJD event


Tuesday, April 9, JFGN Pomegranate event (or the 10th or the 11th)

Wednesday, April 10, JFGN Pomegranate event (or the 9th or the 11th)

Thursday, April 11, JFGN Pomegranate event (or the 9th or the 10th)

Sunday, April 14- JFGN Community Wide Celebrates Israel at Temple Shalom. Time?

Sunday, April 14- CJD program at 2:30pm

Tuesday, April 16, JFGN Annual Meeting, SUJF, Human Needs

Sunday, April 28-Community Wide Yom HaShoah Program at Temple Shalom

Previous Events from 2017-2018


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Wednesday, December 13Community Wide Chanukah Event


Sunday, December 17- 2017 Fed Cup Golf Tournament


Wednesday, January 10- Majors/Lion of Judah 


Monday, January 15- MLK Jr. Parade


Wednesday, January 17- Annual Naples Klezmer Revival Band Concert


Saturday, February 3- Power of Community Celebration


Wednesday, February 7 -Evy Lipp People of the Book Cultural Event


Sunday, March 18- Jewish Community Day of Learning


Sunday, March 25- Celebrate Israel 


Sunday, April 8- Yom HaShoah Program



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Previous Events from 2016-2017


A thought provoking Town Hall meeting with Doron Horowitz of the Secure Community Network providing strategies on how our Collier County Jewish community can stay safe in unsettling times. 


Thank you to Sheriff Rambosk, Chief Schettino, Chief Weschler, and Chief Williams for being part of this evening. 


Prepare and Educate!!


Shop With The Sheriff


December 2016

  • MLK Jr Parade Jan. 16, 2017

  • MLK Jr. Parade Jan. 16, 2017

  • Jeffrey Feld (JFCC) and Vincent Keeys (NAACP)

  • Rabbi Sylvin Wolf and Les Schwartz

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Parade and Celebration


Monday, January 16


Thank you for joining us!


Naples Klezmer Revival Band Concert


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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  • Naples Klezmer Revival Concert

  • Naples Klezmer Revival Band